Paul T. Carney is a lifelong massage practitioner, a graduate of Louisville's Advanced Massage Therapeutics, and a fully licensed massage therapist and professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Paul has worked with professional dancers and athletes, general pain sufferers, and clients recovering from old and new injuries, as well as individuals dealing with the effects of trauma and stress,
and has partnered with personal trainers, psychologists, physical therapists and coaches to create integrated treatment plans.

Through Body Mechanics, he offers clinical (or therapeutic) massage, incorporating elements of assisted stretching, classical massage (Swedish), deep tissue and trigger-point treatment, as well as assisted strengthening and isometric activation therapy, for chronic pain management, injury recovery, postural realignment, pre-natal care, performance improvement and relaxation. 

Clinical applications of massage therapy have been shown to be effective for:
-Sports injuries and performance improvement
-Palliative care and pain management 
       (such as for neck, shoulder, low back and hip pain,
           and the symptoms of arthritis and fibromyalgia)
-Repetitive stress or strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
-Stress reduction
-TMJ or jaw complaints
-Whiplash and other accident-related injuries
-Posture & weight-related issues
-Stimulation of the immune system

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