"Can’t think of a more skilled and caring Clinician. You will be in good hands!" - Al Nelson

 "Paul is the best. I’ve had massages in spas, on cruise ships, and in gyms, and the massage I received from Paul was by far the most enjoyable, relaxing, and therapeutic." -Mark England

“About a year ago, I came to Paul with pain in my right shoulder no doubt caused by my job requirement of sitting at a computer all day. After two massage sessions, the pain was gone. Paul did a great job of finding and relieving the problem. He also suggested some stretches that I could do at my desk that has prevented the problem from reoccurring. Paul is wonderful at fixing what ails you!” - Lisa C.

"Went to see Paul Carney for long-term tension in my neck and shoulders (guitarist and computer geek). The result was that I could feel my shoulder and neck and turn my head without lots of crunching noise. Soon, I might even be able to spot when making dance spins." -Paul Moffett

"I know what Sciatic pain is like! Thank you Paul T Carney of "Body Mechanics" for the emergency massage therapy session and caring! " Jennifer D.

"Paul provides exceptional attention to detail. When I was diagnosed with a specific condition, he researched more on the subject and provided therapeutic massage that afforded me extraordinary relief from a painful shoulder. It worked wonders and I greatly appreciate his consistency, diligence and care." - Leslie H.

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The Courier-Journal; Louisville, KY-  

Paul T. Carney, a fully licensed massage therapist, works with professional dancers and athletes, pain sufferers and people recovering from injuries at his business, Body Mechanics Massage Therapy Clinic, 1931 Frankfort Ave., 419-4263, www.bodymechanicsky.com.

Carney is also a guitarist with Flamenco Louisville, co-founded by his wife, Diana Dinicola.

Opening the clinic: "I decided to open Body Mechanics in March of 2010 to help fill a niche in the alternative therapy world in Louisville, specifically in the bodywork area. Massage can cover a lot of territory, from spa treatment to energy work, and it all has a place. I just felt that a straightforward approach, helping to make effective massage therapy as accessible as possible -- that's where I could be of value."

Deciding on a name: "As therapists, we're taught to be aware of our 'body mechanics' as we work, keeping good posture and form. I started thinking about that phrase as an image, a body mechanic, like an auto mechanic. Then the idea hit. The simplicity, the everyday importance, the accessibility. It was all there in the name."

Choosing the location: "I chose Frankfort Avenue for my business because of the energy. It's dynamic and joins such diverse neighborhoods and contains so many types of businesses and services and so many kinds of Louisvillians. When my friends Brian P. White and Marybeth Orton told me they had this space available in their building, half a block from my house, I knew the choice was made. "

Services offered: "(The clinic) provides a direct approach for better health, for any well-rounded health-care regimen, for maintenance or for recovery, by using evidence-based massage techniques. I treat the whole person, respectfully and compassionately. The Body Mechanics 'toolbox' includes elements of classical massage (Swedish), deep-tissue, myofascial and trigger-point treatment, and assisted stretching, for chronic pain, injury recovery, postural realignment, performance improvement and relaxation. ... Also, I'm beginning to work with what some call 'somatic' or body-mind therapies, looking at how emotion and habit can become imprinted in the body. It's fascinating work, and it helps me with my own mindfulness. ... One of the most important things that I'm trying to create with Body Mechanics is an environment where a sense of trust and equality is achieved between therapist and client. Everything -- the healing, the relaxation, the mindfulness -- everything is based on that trust, and on the idea that I work with you, not on you. We're partners."

Past business experience: "Growing up in my family's furniture store helped prepare me for the roller coaster ride of owning my own business. The great thing about owning my own business is that I'm allowed to define the commitment to my clients and the services that I offer according to a direct relationship with them. There's no middle-man or outside boss."

Moving to the city: "I'm originally from Bogalusa, Louisiana, near New Orleans, and I lived in Chicago, Illinois, and in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, at different times. I moved to Louisville 10 years ago, to marry my lovely and talented college sweetheart, Diana Dinicola."

Passionate about flamenco music: "My most important commitment, outside of marriage and work, is to music. My wife is a flamenco dancer and choreographer, and co-founded Flamenco Louisville, the oldest flamenco organization in the area. When she got me involved, first taking dance classes, then as a percussionist, now as guitarist, she gave music and movement back to me after many years away from them. I get to perform, accompany and teach all the time, and it's thanks to flamenco. I'm also counting on flamenco guitar to keep old age in check, mentally -- it's really, really challenging. Flamenco also keeps me aware of the beautiful shared responsibility of community. When we perform, we are all responsible to and for each other. We have to, as our singer says, 'breathe together.' " -- Stephanie Caudill

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